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 Rules. ten characters.

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fukken awesome
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Rules. ten characters. Empty
PostSubject: Rules. ten characters.   Rules. ten characters. Icon_minitimeThu Jan 22, 2009 6:22 pm

-Don't shit up this forum with threads intended to stir a fanboy shitstorm; this includes deliberately bigging up consoles and the like. No XBOX360 VS PS3 etc. if you're just going to talk shit. otherwise, yes. entertain the admin with a good xbox360 vs ps3 discussion.

-Warez discussion by most part is bannable, gloating, hinting, or suggesting Warez warrants long bans and posting it/linking to it warrants permanent bans.

-If you're making a game 'Megathread' be sure to include a decent amount of collected information, not a thread comprising a Wiki paste - Do your part to make it a decent thread.
Also, the suffix of 'Megathread' is unnecessary

-If there's a thread about a game you don't like and all you've got to say is that the game is shit so you can annoy the people who like the game, why post in that thread?

-For fuck's sake, descriptive titles. I will fuck you in the ass, I swear to god. If your thread's title is irrelevant, it will be locked without warning.

-Don't fucking derail.

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Rules. ten characters.
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